Baking Workshop for Individual, Group & Corporate Team Bonding

All our baking classes and in our baking studio
are Muslim Friendly without using Pork and Lard.

Hello from ITSI Baking Studio

Since 2011, here at ITSI Baking Studio, baking and coaching are always our passion.We use the basic tools and equipment, easy to follow instructions and freshest ingredients to teach our cakes, breads, tarts, chocolate and other pastries.You will definitely be able to transfer the skill to your home kitchen that will fill your family belly and warm their hearts.

We have baking workshops scheduled for your sign-up.  You could also request for Private, Group and Corporate Team Bonding baking session at your preference date and time.

Do check our website, facebook for class schedule or write to us for any inquiries.  Starts your baking journey now.

ITSI Baking Studio

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Address: Blk 333, Kreta Ayer Road, #03-23, Singapore 080333
SMS: 8383-5698

Request for your preference date, time, pastry if it does not meet your busy schedule.

Great for foster relationship and bonding within your department, organisation and overseas colleagues.

Choice of pastries for your selection. 

Planning for 
Corporate Team Bonding
for coming Christmas?

Choose either a Christmas baking - decorating session in our studio OR 

you can choose just to have decoration (no bake) at your premises.

Check with us at:

Email:  |

SMS: 8383-5698

Attend our Baking Classes

With minimum 2 pax, you could also request for your preferred pastry, date and time.  

Refer to our Baking Class Schedule